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August A5 Cardiac Health Recap

At our August A5, Wendy Mullooly – Clinical Nurse Consultant, Sutherland Hospital, shared extremely valuable information about Cardiac Health.   Prevalence of Heart Disease: Heart Disease remains the number 1 killer of Australians – men and women. This amounts to 55,000 heart attacks per year in Australia, or 150 per day or 1 every 10 minutes.

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Positive Signs

Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison reported that the economy increased strongly in the June quarter (plus 0.8%) compared to the previous quarter (0.3%) and he believes better days are ahead. At the same time though wage growth remains low (2.1% for the year) and over the past five quarters gross disposable income has only moved up

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Celebrating Our 30th

It was in 1987 when a small group of businesspeople got together to form the Smithfield-Wetherill Park Chamber of Commerce. One of those founding members Robert Savell from Hydrocare Pools is still with us 30 years later. Another, Renzo Valleri, the owner of Smithfield Mitre10, was until a couple of years ago when he served

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Industries Most Important To Our Future

A global report called Ranking The World’s Most Critical Industries has found that the industries that are considered to be most important to our future by CEO’s and boards are electricity, gas, nuclear power and water treatment.

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Mercedes Benz Sprinter To Become Electric

The popular Mercedes Benz Sprinter delivery van will now become fully electric.

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New Road Transport Operation Simulation Computer Game

A new computer game is about to appear on the market which simulates managing a road transport operation. The player becomes the virtual CEO of a company in ‘TransRoad USA Trucks and Trailers’ and has to manage operating costs, maintenance, fuel efficiency, buying of vehicles and trailers and organising loads.

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What Our Members Say

Being a member of the Cumberland Business Chamber has helped me change the culture of my business. This is about more than finding customers. I have met people who inspired and equipped me to take my business to another level. I doubt that I would have done it on my own but they gave me the motivation, confidence and expertise that I needed. I know that this is about long-term improvement not a quick-fix, so with patience and regular participation in the Chamber I have received an incredible return on my investment – including the opportunity to be interviewed by economist and media personality Ross Greenwood.”

Pace Pallet Services

( Michael Mourad, Director, Pace Pallet Services )

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