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NBN Go Slow

Despite the NBN offering a top speed of 100 megabits per second, 82% of premises with a fixed line connection to the network have download speeds of 25 mbps. Source: ABC

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ACCC Says No To Apple Pay

The ACCC has decided not to grant approval to the Commonwealth Bank, NAB and Westpac to collectively bargain with Apple over its mobile payment service, Apple Pay. Source: ABC

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Sydney Not So Desirable

Sydney has slipped from the Top 10 of The World’s Most Liveable City list due to a “heightened perceived threat of terrorism” whilst Melbourne won again for the 6th time in a row, Adelaide came 5th and Perth 7th. Source: ABC

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NSW Trains Go Overseas

The NSW Government has awarded a $2.3Bn contract for the construction of 500 intercity train carriages to a multinational consortium incurring a strong backlash from industry groups and unions. Source: ABC

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Gas Price Rise, Shortage

The price of gas to industrial customers has almost doubled and could go higher whilst it is being exported at much cheaper prices to Asian customers, according to ABC’s The Business. Possible gas shortages have also been forecast. Source: Manufacturers Monthly

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Tattoo Controls Electronic Devices

A temporary tattoo that controls electronic devices and changes colour with your mood – DuoSkin – has been developed by Microsoft and MIT. Source: ABC

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Being a member of the Cumberland Business Chamber has helped me change the culture of my business. This is about more than finding customers. I have met people who inspired and equipped me to take my business to another level. I doubt that I would have done it on my own but they gave me the motivation, confidence and expertise that I needed. I know that this is about long-term improvement not a quick-fix, so with patience and regular participation in the Chamber I have received an incredible return on my investment – including the opportunity to be interviewed by economist and media personality Ross Greenwood.”

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