10 Smart Ways To Start 2018

A checklist to ensure that you are beginning the new year on the right foot. Ten practical steps to consider before you charge into the coming months.

Revisit your business plan – is it still aligned with where you want to be going. If not, now is the time to update it.

Write a list of business resolutions – they are not just about losing weight and going to the gym, what do you want to change and improve over the next 12 months?

Create a promotions calendar – mark all of the times in 2018 that you want to promote the business or products so that you can pre-empt your advertising, marketing, social media content, etc in advance. 

Plan your hiring needs – maybe a casual, freelancer or part-timer will be sufficient before you take on full-time staff. Grow as you go.

Invest in technology – the best software, applications, a good computer, etc. they speed up those time consuming tasks and pay for themselves. 

Write a conference plan – are there any trade fairs, industry expo’s, conferences that would be good to attend? Mark them up now so that you can prepare in advance to be there (you might need someone to cover for you while you are away).

Reassess your online brand – Google yourself, how do you come up, is it time to update photos, artwork, content? 

Be organised – de clutter your desk and your office. Throw away those things you haven’t needed or read for the past year.  

Refresh employees’ skills – now is a good time to give your team training so that they are better prepared to work this year. With some customers still away on annual leave you might be able to spare some employees going to workshops.

Get smarter – make it a goal to read more, learn more, meet new people. Always be a student.