2020 Premier’s NSW Export Awards

This year the Premier’s NSW Export Awards are different 

Despite being one of the toughest years ever for exporters, the remarkable efforts to overcome the challenges of the last 12 months is inspirational.

So rather than focusing on winners, this year is about recognising courage, determination and innovation.

The awards will celebrate the stories of businesses which have defied convention, gone out on a limb, adapted, and met the challenges of 2020 in unexpected and interesting ways.

Celebrating your remarkable stories of resilience, ingenuity and courage

Every year, the Australian Export & Investment Awards honour the achievements of outstanding exporters and investors. But this year, we’re doing things differently.

In the face of unprecedented challenges, Australian exporters have shown remarkable resilience – and these efforts deserve to be recognised. So rather than focusing on winners, this year is about recognising your courage, determination and innovation.

We are calling on Australian exporters – big and small – and the companies who invest here to share their stories of resilience.

If your business, or a business you know, has risen to the challenge in creative, interesting or unexpected ways, we want to hear about it.

Your remarkable efforts deserve to be recognised

During the challenges of the past 12 months, we’ve been inspired by your efforts to sustain your business. Your hard work is something to be proud of, and this is your opportunity to reflect on the achievements of your team and share your story.

Selected stories will be featured on the Australian Export & Investment Awards website, and will be shared and promoted nationally by our partners and supporters. A small number will also be presented as video stories. These will be promoted internationally and featured at a very special event.

This is a chance to celebrate your wins and get national recognition for your business. At a time when everyone needs some extra encouragement, your story could also be a source of inspiration for other businesses.

Submissions deadline is Sunday 25th October 2020.