The Smithfield-Wetherill Park industrial park is an underrated treasure trove of innovation. Hidden from view inside small, plain looking workshops there are numerous inventors coming up with new ideas and re-engineering existing products. One such person is Luke Davies the young manager of Dobbin Engineering. Unbeknown to passersby, the 29 year old has been developing a car which is about to take the high performance market by storm. A Toyota 86 (or Subaru BRZ) coupe powered by a Holden 6-litre vee-eight engine pumping out 250 kilowatts at the rear wheels.

The project has taken almost 12 months to complete due to the extent of engineering required (starting with fitting a big vee-eight engine into a space made for a two-litre boxer engine!) and now the Toyota coupe is street legal with all of the right documentation. He is offering this tantalising transformation to ’86 owners for $37,500 including GST.

“This is a great looking car but it doesn’t have the power it deserves. This engine swap puts an end to that with the LS motor providing a cheap, stable and powerful platform. This engine not only provides better power but has been done to satisfy all legal and engineering requirements. It now produces 250 rear wheel kilowatts with 450 Newton metres of torque and only adds about 100 kilograms to the front and 20 to the rear”, said Luke at the launch of his first car.

Luke made the decision to use Anglomoil lubricants knowing that the privately owned Australian lubricant manufacturer from Sydney already supplies products to several teams competing in the one-make Toyota 86 racing championship. Based on engineering advice he selected Anglomoil Roadmaster Platinum 10w40 engine oil, Anglomoil Transmission EP 85W140 and Anglomoil Auto Transmission DXIII H.

Luke said the conversion takes two to three months and he takes care of all of the documentation: the dyno’ test, EPA test, engineering certificate and blue slip.

“You supply your car, an L77 motor, gearbox, this can be a T56 or T6060, and engine loom. Any work you want to do to the motor will be extra or do it beforehand. The engine must be from a VEII Commodore. All you have to do is go to the RMS to update your rego’ papers and update your insurance.”