26.7 We Interview PCS Precision & Pneumatic Products.

STAYING COMPETITIVE IN A CHANGING MARKET is the title of our next After5 networking meeting on July 26 at Smithfield RSL.

A\It will be an interactive Q&A with two Chamber members – who have been in business for over 35 years – on how they have managed to keep growing their businesses.

Pneumatic Products has had to deal with a shrinking market and aggressive international competition. Whilst looking to keep expanding the air side of the company they researched opportunities outside their core competency based on their expertise and available resources. As a result, owner Wim Verhoeff is developing an exciting alternative direction in robotics.

PCS Precision is a leader in highly accurate measurement technology. They custom design systems, sell products, service them and offer NATA accredited calibration – to companies as big as Arnotts, Unilever, Bluescope Steel and Dairy Farmers – and now the Wetherill Park based company started by Peter Simonis has invested in an exciting expansion.

Members and Guests welcome. See you at 5.30-5.45PM.