Advocacy: Settling The Dust Problem.

Anyone who drives along Widemere Road and into Hassel Street at Wetherill Park will be aware of the dust that is caused by trucks entering and leaving the Sustainable Resource Centre. A chamber member who operates a big operation opposite the site reported waves of dust blowing into their warehouse. The chamber door knocked businesses along both streets and found that a number of them had the very fine powdery dust getting in through vents and openings and depositing itself on equipment. Workers’ cars were regularly covered in a layer of dust and they felt it wasn’t worth washing them. One company is a manufacturer of components for Ford vehicles and had had representatives from Ford’s Melbourne headquarters come up to inspect the problem. Cumberland Business Chamber presented the matter to Fairfield City Council and it was instantly acted upon. The Council was pro-active in sending out water trucks, creating a tyre wash bay, and requiring trucks to cover their loads. The dust hasn’t been completely eradicated but the situation has improved and Council is continuing to work on the matter. The secondary problem of queues of trucks parking in the left lane of Widemere Road as they wait to enter the site and blocking traffic is being investigated.