Advocacy: Trucks Become Traffic Hazard.

Cumberland Business Chamber was advised by a member that a number of trucks are parking in front of their Wetherill Park industrial complex on Victoria Street and are blocking their view of oncoming traffic, thus becoming a hazard and creating the potential for a serious accident. The trucks park right up to the edge of the driveway.

At the same time the trucks block the frontage to a lunch shop. When the truck drivers arrive in the early hours of  the morning to start their shifts they leave their own vehicles in the same parking spots. This deprives the lunch shop of much needed car spaces for its customers and as a result it has been negatively affected.

The matter was presented to Fairfield City Council by Cumberland Business Chamber and the Council has responded and is working out a solution. This has been another example of the positive Chamber-Council relationship that we have, and how we are able to ‘champion’ a cause for our members.