Apparently you’re doing really well!

Every month the Australian Industry Group and leading banks survey thousands of manufacturing companies to work out how the nation is going. They look at order books, completed projects, incoming work, turnover.

According to these experts Manufacturing in Australia has recorded its 14th consecutive month of expansion, led by the country’s substantial food and beverage industry. Five of the eight manufacturing sub-sectors expanded. In contrast non-metallic mineral products (mainly building materials) plunged into contraction.

“The manufacturing sector lifted strongly building on an uninterrupted growth phase that began in October 2016,” said Ai Group CEO Innes

This is what they say…but how are you going really? Was 2017 a decent year for you? Did you achieve any of your targets? How are you going now in 2018…we would like to know if there is another side to these statistics so that we can find people with the right answers to help you get ahead.