Australian Robotics Company testing Construction Robot in Mexico

Fastbrick Robotics, an Australian robotic technology company, has reached a deal to pilot test its construction robot, Hadrian X, in Mexico.

The Perth-based company has developed a construction robot capable of building an entire single-storey house in under 2 days – autonomously and with almost no human input or intervention.

The deal with GP Vivienda, a subsidiary of Grupo GP, represents one of its very first practical applications of the Hadrian X and is the first instance of the construction robot being deployed outside of Australia.

Hadrian X is a construction robot mounted into a classic cab over engine truck to easily transport it to and from a location for on-site building. The robot component could also be mounted onto other bases such as tracks, barges, boats and cranes to bring this unique capability to a range of environments.

Hadrian X uses FBR’s Dynamic Stabilisation Technology to measure movement caused by wind, vibration and inertia and counteracts it in real-time using advanced algorithms to provide unprecedented precision.

Under the terms of the agreement, GP Vivienda plans to utilise Fastbrick’s technology and Hadrian X innovation for a period of two years with various commercial, corporate and investment opportunities, knowledge sharing, mutual business development opportunities, and joint technology opportunities already being contemplated by both companies.