Badgerys Creek Airport Presented at May A5

The biggest project in Western Sydney, the Western Sydney Airport, was the focus of a presentation by David Borger at our May After 5.
David is Western Sydney Director of the NSWBC and as a former state minister for the West is very in touch with all of the major development projects out this way.
Construction will commence on the Badgerys Creek site later this year and the single runway will be operational in the early 2020’s. It is estimated that 5 million passengers will use the airport in its early years growing to 10 million by the early 2030’s.
David said almost 4000 new jobs are expected to be created when the airport starts operating, a figure which could grow as high as 26,250 in the future. This doesn’t include jobs to be created in the surrounding business estates.
The Federal Government will cover the $5.3 billion cost. There is another $3.4 billion put aside for roads. Construction between now and 2025 is expected to generate over 11,000 jobs.
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