Chamber member Telstra Business Centre Western Sydney presented a comprehensive explanation of the NBN rollout to Wetherill Park-Silverwater at our March After5 and it became quickly apparent that if you don’t register soon you will end up in a big log-jam and possibly end up being cut off without any connection at all.

As presenter Robert Nasr noted, mobile data usage is doubling every year. 100 min of content is uploaded to You Tube every minute. And 85% of Australian businesses use the cloud. More people now use online banking than people going to the branches.

The NBN pre ready period goes for 12 months and has started. It includes fibre optic cables being laid in our region. The ready for service period then goes for 18 months. If you haven’t connected to the NBN by the end of this period, NBN is cutting off the current network and you will be left without any comm’s.

Robert said businesses sometimes believe they have plenty of time to connect but it takes time to determine exactly what service you require, then organise connection, and given that there are many thousands of businesses in this industrial park the queue will start to fill up soon. That is why you need to consider changing now.
He said there are different forms of connections: Fibre to Building (to the basement like in multiple factory units) with copper from the basement to each unit…Fibre to Node (copper from the node to the building, the node being located on the street)…fibre optic cable all the way to the building with no copper cable (this has to be organised with NBN directly and has a cost).

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