Biomass Manufacturing Research Making Progress.

It is called the Rural Research and Development for Profit Program and a part of it includes scientific work to convert forestry and agricultural by-products into valuable commodities such as eco-friendly energy.

The Federal Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, announced the new research which has received Federal Government funding. It includes collaboration between such entities as Forest and Wood Products Australia Limited, the Cotton Research and Development Corporation, Australia Pork Limited, the Queensland University of Technology, NSW Department of Primary Industries, Southern Oil Refining and AgriFuels Ltd.

Scientists will examine low value biomass from agricultural and forestry production systems – such as cane mulch, cotton stalks, trash material, and forestry by-product. It could one day become animal feed, fuel, fibre, and chemicals. It might even help primary producers to reduce their production costs by being able to produce their own bio-fuel.

Source: Manufacturers Monthly