Bubble Wrap Is Dead. Long Live iBubble Wrap.

Sealed Air, which has been making bubble wrap since 1957, has announced a revolutionary new type of wrap…which doesn’t pop! No more de-stressing or having fun! It is called iBubble Wrap and the company says it will change the packaging market like the iPod and iPhone changed communication. It is 1/50th of the size of conventional bubble wrap because it is flat and has to be inflated at the point of shipping. Here’s the down side. This requires a very expensive machine to be installed onsite. Sealed Air says the thinner wrap material will save warehouse space because 1 truckload is equivalent to 47 trucks filled with the standard product. If you think this is radical…how about their next product…mushroom roots and agricultural byproducts which grow and conform to the contours and shapes of each package being transported.

Source: Manufacturers Monthly