Business Readiness Survey 2018

Cumberland Business Chamber is focused on assisting industrial-type businesses to improve themselves, increase their competitiveness, generate more revenue, provide more employment opportunities and contribute more to the local economy.

In order for us to clarify the nuances of small, medium and large companies traversing the current market place…with its increased overseas competition, rapidly changing technology and processes, sophisticated automation systems, emergence of new niche markets, increasing operating costs, etc….we have created a Market Readiness  questionnaire.

These questions are designed to help business operators to better understand where they are at today, where they want to be and what they require in order to make that change.

They will help businesses rank their own Market Readiness.

That information will also enable the Chamber to source experts with knowledge in the key business growth areas. To come to our events and speak in a very focussed manner.

The short time it takes you to complete the questionnaire will be worth it in bringing enhanced clarity to your future planning.

There is another benefit to it…

KPMG Greater Western Sydney is offering FREE BUSINESS CONSULTING SERVICES TO FIVE COMPANIES which complete the survey.

Leave your details in the survey and you might be selected to sit with industry experts and discuss your business in detail, and receive high value assistance which is tailored to your specific needs.

Click here to complete the 2018 Market Readiness Survey.