Cash Flow Forecasting Webinar Wrap

By Angela Haynes & Scott Baker, 5thJune 2020 

Thanks to all who attended our Zoom webinar last Wednesday 27th May, the feedback via the chat thread and afterwards was very positive.  

We trust that you’re now able to understand why cash flow forecasting and understanding your working capital ratios is key for businesses to raise funds, negotiate strongly and make informed decisions.  

With the end of the financial Year coming up, we thought you might value the opportunity to use your financial reports as at 30th June (easily obtainable if you have online accounting software such as MYOB or Xero) as the starting point for preparing your own Cash Flow Forecast for FY21.  

Feel free to use the ANZ Cash Flow Forecast Template on here 

If you’d like to review the content, the presentation is available for download here

We’ve also put together a couple of other resources for you to use.  

DISCLAIMER: Although these resources have been prepared for the benefit of webinar attendees, Cumberland Business Chamber accepts no responsibility for the data outputs. Should you require assistance, we would strongly advise that you engage with a suitably qualified accounting professional.  

(Click on the image or the link in the title to download & save to your computer/mobile device )

First, a working capital analysis tool you could use to compare this year’s business performance to last, identify opportunities to improve the ratios based on past performance, and calculate in the $$ amount of working capital such improvement could release back into the business. 

Working Capital Analysis Tool

Second, a supplier & buyer payment terms analysis tool you could use when preparing your cash flow forecast to understand the distribution of this month’s sales invoice amounts into this and subsequent month’s cash inflows. 

Supplier & Buyer Payment Terms Analysis Tool

We hope these resources help you to set your business up for success in 2021 and beyond!!!