Establishment of Western City Aerotropolis Authority

The Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue has welcomed the establishment of the Western City and Aerotropolis Authority (WCAA), to be led by CEO Sam Sangster, announced today. The new authority will be responsible for the master-planning of the Aerotropolis and also have a key role in driving investment, education and employment opportunities across the Western Parkland … Continue reading “Establishment of Western City Aerotropolis Authority”

Australian Manufacturing Notches up 25th Straight Positive Result

The Australian Industry Group’s PMI released this morning recorded a result of 58.3. It is down a fraction of a point, but still well above 50, the line separating contraction and expansion. It continues the best run of 50-plus results since 2005. According to the PMI, only one sub-sector, machinery and equipment, did not grow … Continue reading “Australian Manufacturing Notches up 25th Straight Positive Result”

New Electric Truck Manufacturing Facility in Victoria

Victoria backs new electric truck manufacturing facility. The Victorian government has announced financial support to electric truck maker SEA Technologies to build a new plant in Victoria’s La Trobe Valley. The facility is expected to employ 500 La Trobe Valley locals, and assemble 2,400 vehicles a year – specialising in the production of electric delivery … Continue reading “New Electric Truck Manufacturing Facility in Victoria”

Artificial Intelligence – The Future of Manufacturing

The future of manufacturing – indeed the future of most industries – is becoming increasingly automated. Many rote tasks are now being performed by machines and artificial intelligence (AI) with human oversight, and many of the applications that will be needed to manage production in the future have not yet been developed or even imagined. … Continue reading “Artificial Intelligence – The Future of Manufacturing”

New Technology Developed To Create High-Speed Internet

New technology developed by researchers from RMIT’s School of Science and the University of Wollongong, allows super-fast internet by harnessing twisted light beams to carry more data and process it faster. Broadband fiber-optics carry information on pulses of light, at the speed of light, through optical fibers. But the way the light is encoded at … Continue reading “New Technology Developed To Create High-Speed Internet”

Launch of the NSW Defence Innovation Network

The NSW government, in conjunction with industry and a number of institutional partners, has officially launched the NSW Defence Innovation Network (DIN) to increase the state’s position as a defence industry hub. Officially launched by NSW Minister for Trade and Industry Niall Blair and Assistant Minister for Defence David Fawcett, DIN will provide a range … Continue reading “Launch of the NSW Defence Innovation Network”

The Australia-Sino Engineering Partnership has been Launched!

The Australia-Sino Engineering Partnership has been launched as an alliance between the Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN) and the Excellence 9 League of Universities (E9). The ATN signed a network to network Memorandum of Understanding with the E9 at an event at Northwestern Polytechnic University in Xi’an. The MoU, formally signed by Prof Wang … Continue reading “The Australia-Sino Engineering Partnership has been Launched!”

The Trans-Pacific Pacific Through Parliament

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP-11) has passed parliament, making Australia the fourth nation to ratify the global trade agreement involving 10 other countries. On Wednesday, Labor voted with the government to pass the legislation enabling the TPP, which minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment Simon Birmingham would open markets for Australian farmers, manufacturers and businesses across … Continue reading “The Trans-Pacific Pacific Through Parliament”

Australia’s Ambitious National Packaging Targets

Australia’s ambitious 2025 national packaging targets have the Australian Government and leaders in sectors including food and packaging working together to create a more environmentally friendly country.   On the 25th of September, the minister for the environment, Melissa Price, joined leaders from packaging, retail, logistics, manufacturing, recycling and waste management businesses in a pledge … Continue reading “Australia’s Ambitious National Packaging Targets”

Australia Stands to Enjoy Income Gains Under the TPP

A new study, undertaken by economists from Brandeis International Business Schools and Johns Hopkins University, shows Australia stands to enjoy income gains under the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is based on an agreement among the remaining 11 members of the TPP showing the United State’s withdrawal in 2017.   The report projects %15.6 billion in net … Continue reading “Australia Stands to Enjoy Income Gains Under the TPP”