CBC June After 5 Event review

Stacy Farrell- Content Box, Director

Presenter Stacy Farrell from Content Box presented at the June After 5 event. It was a valuable session with Stacy sharing strategies on how to create and maintain a consistent and well-managed brand presence through the use of content, and how different marketing vehicles such as video, podcasts and blogs assist with the delivery of the content.

An interesting fact Stacy stated during her pesentation which we all should keep in mind when investing in which media we choose to adopt for our marketing strategy.

“Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video, cmpared to 10% when reading it in a text. The increase in click-through rate with video is as high as 96%, and videos are shared 1200% more times than linkes and text combined” Forbes Magazine 2019

The event was held at the Workary facility located within Cabramatta library. Bernard F Garling, Business Enterprise Manager at the Workary, lead a tour of the facilities to show business owners what is on offer to them. The Workary offers a free digital Studio 2166 with all the latest equipment and software to make videos and postcasts. Complete with a green wall, sound booth, audio and film production equipment, this initiative provides a space for business to create engaging and good-quality videos, along with an opportunity to learn new skills such as how to use 360-degree cameras, virtual reality tools and other film and technology related know-how.

For more informatin about the Workary, visit: www.fairfieldcity.nsw.gov.au/theworkary

If you wish to get in contact with Stacy Farrell from Content Box about content marketing strategies for your business, please email her at:  hello@contentbox.com.au

Stacy talking about branding strategy