CBC November After 5 Recap

At the CBC After 5 event on Tuesday, November 27, we were honoured to have Riccardo Bosi speak to us about Leadership.

Riccardo is a celebrated speaker as a result of his previous experience as a Lieutenant Colonel, and Special Forces officer, and specializes in development of organisations and their leaders.

In his presentation, Riccardo mentioned that, in order for your business to succeed, you must be superb at leadership – providing your employees with something new, different and inspiring. He explained that people are more complex than technology, with each thought altering our behavior at a sub-atomic level. It is because of this that, in order to become a successful leader, you must be willing to go out of your comfort zone, where people have never gone before – to become a visionary.

Riccardo delved into the characteristics of a prosperous leader: clarity, humility, patience, commitment, diligent, self-motivated and most importantly, trustworthy. Trust is an imperative factor in becoming a leader, which can be attained through the characteristics of honesty, competency, consistency, measured practices, and loyalty.

If you regrettably missed out on this event, or want to further your leadership development, CBC will be hosting a half-day LEADERSHIP FORUM! Riccardo will be teaching business owners and managers, the ins-and-outs of leadership throughout his “GREATNESS AWAITS YOU” Session.

Watch this space for more information…