A big thank you this month to Ming Ly, Brandon Ly and Ninos Khoshaba from ABC Tissue Products Pty Ltd for hosting and giving our members a tour through the ABC Tissues Products factory. The business owns 10 sites at Wetherill Park and their flagship brand Quilton toilet tissues being made right at the factory we visited. Products were made from Eucalyptus pulp into the sheets of soft paper.

ABC Tissue Products is behind well-known and trusted brands of toilet tissue, facial tissue, kitchen towels and napkins, ABC Tissue Products is now the leading tissue paper product suppliers in Australia.

ABC Tissue Products has been able to achieve this by operating manufacturing facilities in Queensland and New South Wales and with help of more than 600 employees throughout Australia. Manufacturing in Australia is alive and thriving because of the commitment of ABC Tissues Paper to manufacture locally.

The machinery inside warehouse was amazing, it was so large and full of pipes, machines, assembly lines and interesting bits and bobs. For those who were lucky to attend, we all witness a 2.6 tonne roll of tissue paper being offloaded from the assembly line and a new roll being threaded. It takes skill and patience to get the paper and the roll to line up.

We had a special visit from the Mayor of Fairfield Frank Carbone and the Fairfield LGA team in support of the event. All the members enjoyed the the handmade pizzas and drinks. At the end of the networking evening we were given Quilton Toilet paper and ABC Tissues to take home! Now that’s special.

The completed roll is then shipped to another factory to be 3ply milled for Quilton brand which owns 50% of the domestic toilet paper tissue market. It is Australia’s favourite brand.