Coming Soon: Optimising Warehousing Productivity.

Sukesh Ned from Turnaround Services Global is a member of the Cumberland Business Chamber who has extensive international experience in manufacturing and logistics.

He has advised multi-billion dollar automotive manufacturers through to SMB operations in Sydney.

Sukesh is a Six Sigma/lean manufacturing expert who provides advice on improving productivity and profitability and reducing operating costs.

On Wednesday April 22 at our B3 Business Building Breakfast Sukesh will speak about:

  • product mix analysis to reduce stock on hand
  • sales/stock analysis to reduce purchases
  • automating processes to redeploy labour

Part 2 of this event will inform guests about the new ATO definition of R&D and their tax incentives.

The B3 Business Building Breakfast is being hosted by Chamber Sponsor, Alpha Hotel, in Peter Brock Drive alongside the Sydney Motorsport Park at Eastern Creek commencing at 7.30AM. Register via the website or call our office.