Tuesday, 27 August 2019 from 5:30pm to 8:00pm

Venue: Tafe Wetherill Park, The Horsley Dr, Wetherill Park 

Cybersecurity is becoming an everyday issue for all size businesses.

Large corporations have large IT departments to deal with the threats, whereas small to medium size business think they are SAFE and they don’t have any dedicated IT department to manage their cyber risk!

Many business owners falsely believe they won’t be attacked. The reality is that HACKERS DON’T DISCRIMINATE OR CHOOSE THEIR VICTIMS, they are just after data or hold you for ramson because they have managed to LOCK you out of your own system. Large organisations, even with their IT departments don’t always succeed in preventing an attack, however they reduce the number of success attacks which could damage their IT system and theft of their valuable sensitive data they have collected.

All businesses need a plan to tackle cybersecurity threats and more importantly, if you are attacked, do you have a plan of action to counter the threat and get back and running after an attack? Do you have backups of your systems ?

Every day, people receive spam and scam emails which look legitimate but are loaded with viruses or malware. It could be an email seemly from clients or an invoice from one of their suppliers which turns out not to be from their supplier afterall! Emails sharing a dropbox link to access documents and the list continues, each day a new way to trick business owners to click through so the hackers can take hold of your computer systems and disrupt your business.

Imagine the scenario: your employees not being able to access their emails, your company can’t access accounting systems to invoice and send out orders, files, phone numbers, client information, and so forth. Without being able to access our computer systems, many businesses will find it difficult to conduct business. When a business is attacked and the attack succeeds in stopping the business from operating, imagine the cost of downtime ? How many days of lost sales ? Many businesses could end up closing their doors after an attack as they cost of getting the systems back up and the lost of sales during the downtime could be just too much for the business to bare.

It’s even more important to have a plan that details how you will respond in the face of a cyber attack that includes unknown threats.

Cyber attacks are on the increase because our society is living in a DIGITAL world. We have mobile phones, iPad, iPhones, smart phones, smart pad, IoT (internet of things) devices which are all interconnected. When we purchase online, use our credit cards, tap our cards at the shops to purchase items and so forth, all this data is being collected by organisations to process payment and it is stored somewhere. Look at any business, data is being collected as transactions occur. Data is valuable and imagine losing your data, how can you run your business ?

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On Tuesday 27th June, 2019, the Cumberland Business Chamber will be presenting on the topic of CYBERSECURITY- IS YOUR BUSINESS REALLY SAFE FROM ATTACKS?

Tafe Wetherill Park will hosting the event in their S BLOCK building. Tafe is currently hosting the F1 in School program and the event coincides with the competition on location. You will be able to watch and be part of the F1

Presenter Peter Groeneveld from Computer Network Integration(CNI), is an expert in the field of Cyber Security and computer network design ensuring businesses operate securely online.

Peter has over 22 years’ experience in the Information Technology (IT) industry, providing computer support for hardware, software and managed network services. Cybersecurity has become so important that he is wanting to educate business owners about the risks they face everyday from unknown hackers looking to break into businesses computer systems directly or indirectly via third party access to their system.

If you wish to find out about how to secure your computer network or ask him if your current network is vulnerable to an attack, then book and attend the August Cumberland Business Chamber After 5 event.

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