Doom & Gloom Forecast – Dun & Bradstreet.

A survey by Dun & Bradstreet of Australian business has come up with a negative response including 1 in 4 companies reporting weak demand for their products and services. The Business Expectations Survey found that executives have lowered their expectations for the resat of 2015 in terms of expected sales, profits, investments and employment levels. As a result, the Business Expectations Index dropped from 20.7 to 13.4. This time last year it sat at 19.5. This is despite a “positive budget” handed down by the Federal Government. D&B said “Demand remains the key missing ingredient, as demonstrated by the latest capex figures and by what businesses are reporting through our monthly survey” and “The economy appears to have hit a brick wall. The severe slumps in expected sales and employment are particularly worrying.” 38 per cent of businesses say that consumer confidence is the issue that will have the most influence on their operations in the third quarter of 2015.