Event Review: June Workshop.

“Mastering Communication”.

Presenter: Vanessa Van Wyk, Binarix.

Venue: Alpha Hotel, Eastern Creek.

Following Vanessa’s outstanding presentation at our After5 earlier this year, at which the audience asked her to return with a longer and more detailed workshop, she agreed and took the breakfast workshop guests through a large number of topics relating to effective communication.

We learnt how when we meet people for the first time the brain looks at their eyes and decides how trustworthy that person is going to be by the shape of the eyes…something which can be controlled by smiling. The brain relies 85% on sight, 10% on touch (important to shake hands strongly) and 5% on hearing.

Vanessa spoke about being calm when we speak. Calm + Being Positive = Activates Productivity. When we speak out the brain hears what we are saying and organises itself which is why it is important to speak. Don’t be silent. Write down what you want to say (script) because when the brain sees the words it understands. Just saying things isn’t enough.

Vanessa spoke a lot about AVO (no, it’s not what you think) and how it effects every conversation we have. We need to use the right words which open peoples’ minds. This led to how to take criticism from people or rejection and turn it into a positive. Understanding why and how people buy into your ideas.

She used the whiteboard to show how the left and right sides of the brain operate…what rules us. It was interesting to her that the brain doesn’t respond to complete sentences but instead to key words. Of course the biggest key word of them all is the other person’s name.

Binarix offers a four month package where it goes into these and other areas in detail in relation to the individual needs of each business. The usual fee of $2000 has been reduced to just $200 thanks to a discount from the Government. If you would like to know how to apply for this discount please contact the Chamber office.