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Cumberland Women’s Network April Event

April 10 @ 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM

3 Ways to Reduce Stress and Boost Productivity

Learn More About:

  • Why we have stress and how it can be useful
  • The impact stress has on your body
  • 3 Easy techniques to calm your system and boost productivity
  • Identifying the underlying sources of stress

More About Christie Pinto

Christie Pinto is a dynamic Business and Personal Coach, Mentor, Author and Healer who has devoted her life to inspiring people to live a life they love.  She is driven by a profound belief that when we live from the heart our lives become more joyful and fulfilling.  Christie’s vision is of living in a world where millions of people feel inspired to discover their full potential and feel connected with themselves and with life. As a result they feel deeply compelled to reach out and help others to do the same, thereby greatly increasing the level of peace and joy on the planet.

Christie’s current focus is on helping managers and business owners to lead themselves and their teams by connecting with their heart and removing anything that’s standing in the way of them being a powerful and inspiring leader.  Christie has already assisted many people around the world to lead more purposeful and fulfilling lives. Regarded by many as an inspiration , Christie is the author of ‘Who Has Got Your Back?’, co-author of the Inspiration Bible and owner of Crystal Clear Horizons a company dedicated to delivering cutting edge coaching, mentoring and training for leaders. She is also one of the Founding Consultants in the Inspiration Formula and a Founding Author of Gowor International Publishing.

With a corporate background in information technology and projects, Christie found that after more than 15 years in this arena her true purpose lay elsewhere. Over 10 years ago at the age of 40, Christie made the courageous decision to follow her heart, by moving into the coaching space. Her background as a senior consultant enabled Christie to combine her new healing skills with business knowledge to deliver a holistic approach. She draws deeply on her professional and personal background to impart astounding insights and deep wisdom to her clients and audiences.

One of Christie’s outstanding talents is the ability to seamlessly combine her knowledge of Universal Laws, NLP, coaching and business into a whole. She refers to what she does as combining modern day knowledge with ancient understanding.  “I love it when my clients start to see the bigger picture of life from a higher perspective and their “issues” at a daily level suddenly become insignificant or disappear altogether”.

In order to take inspired action people need access to material in a format that suits them. With this foremost in mind Christie divides her time between coaching leaders who want to make a difference in the world, writing books and articles, self-development programs and multimedia work.


April 10
7:00 AM - 8:30 AM