Formula 1… Engineering… Education… Sept 27th After5!

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Dr Myers is a very passionate engineer. He built an engineering company with almost 100 people working in automotive, aerospace, mining, rail and defence. His passion for engineering and the need for it in the future of our nation led him in 1998 to pioneering a not for profit organisation, the Re-Engineering Australia Foundation.

Michael wanted to attract young people into technical career paths and he did it with an Australian-first: hi-tech’ engineering-manufacturing competitions using world-best technology such as 3D CAD, simulation software and CNC machine centres. Some of which were out of reach of professional engineers! The catalyst for attracting attention was Formula One!

Michael introduced Australia to the world’s biggest engineering competition – involving more than 40 countries and over 9,000,000 young people – the F1inSchools Technology Challenge (one of several programs offered by REA). Australia has dominated it for the past 13 years. Interestingly, there are just as many girls as there are boys in these programs. Many have gone on to fulfilling technical careers including one student who works for the Red Bull Formula One team!

Michael remains passionate about developing Australia into the Innovation Centre for the Global Village. Be inspired by this champion of engineering.

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Dr M Myers

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