Helpful Advice For Manufacturers Looking To Sell Overseas.

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The shift from selling your products domestically to internationally is huge. How do you safely walk down that pathway to ensure future success? Especially when you are dealing with language/cultural differences. Janice Gestro, former General Manager of food manufacturer Massell and now a consultant to the executive team, will answer these questions at the next Manufacturing Forum hosted by CBC. Janice will talk about foreign import regulations, which authorities you have to connect with, logistics such as transport, shipping, warehousing, and the promotion of your product to a new foreign market. Janice, a member of the CBC executive and vice president of the supply chain organisation, APICS, has spent over 25 years working in production, supply chain, logistics and distribution to domestic/international customers. The function is at the Smithfield RSL on May 26 from 5.30PM. Register your attendance at our EVENTS page.