How Serious Is The Turnbull Government About Small Business?

One of the major problems affecting Australia’s small business community has been the large number of short-term Small Business Ministers we have had in Canberra – since the Rudd era. Now, new PM Malcolm Turnbull has pushed out Bruce Billson and handed the role to Kelly O’Dwyer – a lawyer. A quick look at her background makes you wonder just how effective she will be in this post. (1) she studied law, was a lawyer then a bank executive (2) has never run a small business (Bill had) (3) she has multiple responsibilities – small business is not 100% of her job profile – she’s also assistant treasurer and is going to be appointed to the cabinet’s expenditure review committee. In her favour (maybe): O’Dwyer was an economy policy adviser to former treasurer Peter Costello (in areas including competition law and competition policy, foreign investment, private equity, accounting policy and consumer protection)….her parents had a small business (gift shop) as did her grandparents, a milk bar and grocery store.

Source: SMH