4 ways manufacturers can get the #edge on the skills shortage in Western Sydney

By Angela Haynes

  The “aerotropolis”, will contribute 200,000 new jobs for GWS over 20 years, with a commercial focus on advanced manufacturing. That’s great news for the industry, however manufacturers already face a brutal workforce shortage of appropriately skilled talent that threatens to impede continued growth.

Computer programmers with digital tablet programming virtual reality simulators

There is an unparalleled infrastructure boom in Western Sydney enticing workers away from industrial employers and into the construction sector. This is going to last a number of years and is putting upward pressure on wages. CBC support initiatives that connect unemployed persons, many of whom are born overseas, that are willing and able to work to access training and, skilled and unskilled employment opportunities in the sector.

Businesses are looking to keep pace with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT), cyber security and data analytics however the skills mix is misaligned and much of the workforce will need to reskill to meet this demand. CBC supports better connectivity between employers and educators (secondary & tertiary)and industry partnerships for both traditional trades and digital/technology jobs to up-skill workers so businesses have access to a pipeline of qualified workers they need to grow, innovate and prosper. CBC also supports tech enablement initiatives and investment so manufacturers can evolve and adapt. 

1. Not ready to check out yet! – Offer incentives to potential retirees such as flexible schedules, job sharing, short working weeks, work from home opportunities – and don’t forget upskilling opportunities.

2. Write your employees education story for them – partner with vocational education providers to develop curriculums that also serve to increase your talent pipeline.

3. Think like a successful high-tech company and not only offer incentives but advertise that you do – articulate perks such as generous vacation time, public transport subsidies, gym & wellbeing memberships, share purchase opportunities. You’ll be surprised how many manufacturers don’t do this!

4. Improvement in perception, investment in branding – elicit an enticing emotional response to prospective employees by promoting a future focus including automation, innovation, eco-friendliness and sleek technical processes. hashtag #edge

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