Industry Seeks RET Compromise

An open letter requesting a compromise on the Renewable Energy Target has been sent to the Federal Government by a ‘collective’ including clean energy companies, electricity users and industry groups. This follows reports from Canberra that the Coalition won’t budge on its 2020 renewable energy target of 32,000 gigawatt hours. The Clean Energy Council wants the government to ‘up’ that to 33,500.

The Government wanted to lower the benchmark to 26,000 saying that energy usage is declining and this amount of renewable energy represents a true 20% of all energy produced. It accepted 32,000 but doesn’t want to move any more whereas the Opposition is pushing for a total in the mid to high 30,000’s. Meanwhile the Australian Aluminium Council has come out saying the government;s final decision will have an effect on the future of 4 smelters.

Source: Manufacturers Monthly