July After5: Staying Competitive In A Changing Market.


6, 5.30PM, Smithfield RSL.

Members and guests welcome.


Two “interviews” with Chamber members who have built up businesses while contending with changes to their market places, technology, customer expectations, the economy, etc. Hear how they have faced their challenges.

Wim Verhoeff is the Managing Director of Pneumatic Products. For the past four decades Wim has specialised in pneumatics. Like many other markets he has had a lot of competition including big aggressive global corporations. He has also had to contend with a shrinking market place which has put more pressure on finding ways to grow the business. Wim looked at how he could diversify based on his expertise and resources, and he is in the process of developing an exciting adjunct to his business based on robotics and automation.

Wim will be joined by another member of the Chamber offering his story.

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