Looking After Your Mental Health Webinar Wrap

Thanks to all who attended our Zoom webinar last Wednesday 10th June, wonderfully presented by Kerrie Dale of Workplace Rehabilitation Management (WRM).  

We trust that you were all able to understand the connection between resilient leadership and self-care, particularly in times of unique and difficult challenges such as COVID-19. 

You’re all encouraged to review the presentation content in your own time, get out your pen & paper,  and jot down your thoughts about any small changes you can make to optimize your daily routine, physical activity, nutrition, sleeping well, connecting with community, time out for self-care, and mindfulness.  

It’s too easy to let one or more of these factors slip under the radar, but they’re all equally important to your mental health!   

Click on the link below to download the presentation.


 Take care,  

Angela & Kerrie.