Luxury Toilet Paper From Greystanes.

The name Emporia is about to hit supermarket shelves and it will be Australia’s prestige toilet paper brand. Can there be such a thing in the world of “toilet tissue”? Emporia comes from Solaris Paper at Greystanes. A multi million dollar ad campaign kicks off in May. Emporia will come up against market leaders Quilton (ABC Tissues – a Cumberland Business Chamber member), Sorbent (Asaelo Care) and Kleenex (Kimberly-Clark). Solaris is putting in new production lines at the Greystanes plant and revving up output. Solaris Paper said 90 per cent of household decisions on buying toilet paper and tissues are made by females and Emporia is being positioned as a high-end luxury brand. They said big retailers are looking for category growth from premium products.

Source: SMH