Managing Men & Women – Sept 27th After5.

Dr Michael Myers OAM established an engineering company with almost 100 employees which worked in the automotive, aerospace, mining, defence and rail industries.

Then, passionate about engineering and its critical relevance to the future development of our nation, he founded the not for profit organisation, Re Engineering Australia Foundation. It was created to give high schoolers access to world-leading engineering and manufacturing technology. To show them that these are dynamic, exciting career opportunities.

REA has connected with more than 400,000 teenagers since it was launched in 1998 and Dr Myers has used this experience to conduct ground breaking national surveys into the key psychological drivers which effect young people as they determine their futures. His extensive studies have uncovered revolutionary findings which affect both genders in school and adult life.

We live in an age when gender equality is openly discussed. Many of us don’t know how our companies fit within the new set of obligations that are appearing in this space. This discussion will help managers to get the most out of their staff by optimising the inherent strengths and weaknesses of both genders and using these to the advancement of their businesses.”

Smithfield RSL
September 27 5:30pm
Visitors welcome.
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