Call to Arms for Manufacturers

Registration Portal for COVID-19 Emergency Supplies

The Portal will be used to establish a supplier list to connect NSW government agencies and eligible buyers with suppliers capable of providing critical supplies within a range of categories. 

Adapting Current Processes and Overcoming Production Hurdles

The Government focus is on supporting Australian manufacturers to either scale up production or adapt current processes to produce the emergency and high demand products. If you are one of these businesses then Cumberland Business Chamber suggests that you register and include notes regarding proposed investment to support the scaling or production modification costs

List of Critical Supplies

  • 01. Hand sanitiser
    We are seeking hand sanitiser produced in Australia including Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved hand sanitiser.
  • 02. Examination gloves
    Australia requires manufacturers of examination and surgical gloves. We are seeking Australian based manufacturers to set up production to support NSW
  • 03. Disinfectant and cleaning products
    We are seeking Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved disinfectant wipes produced in Australia.
  • 04. Handwash and soap
    We are seeking standard and Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved handwash produced in Australia.
  • 05. Masks
    We are seeking Australian based manufacturers with the ability to set up production of a range of surgical masks to support NSW.
  • 06. Eyewear
    We are seeking Australian manufacturers of plastic products and related fields to support production of protective eyewear and face shields.
  • 07. Gowns and protective overalls
    We are appealing for Australian based manufacturers with the capacity to produce surgical and isolation gowns to support NSW.
  • 08. Paper products, including toilet and tissue paper
    To meet the higher than normal demand for paper products, NSW is appealing to Australian-based manufacturers to support increased production.
  • 09. Associated materials