Manufacturing morale.

A survey of industry shows that employee morale in manufacturing in Australia has managed to stay on par with other industries despite its hardships over the years. The Leadership Employment and Direction survey looked at 17 industry sectors. Manufacturing covered automotive, food and beverage, printing and packaging, rubber and plastics, textiles, clothing and footwear. The 16 other sectors were agriculture, forestry, fishing (primary production); mining; electricity, gas and water supply;  construction; wholesale trade; retail trade; tourism, accommodation, cafes and restaurants; transport and storage; communication services; finance and insurance; property and business services; government administration and defence; education; health and community services; cultural and recreational services; and personal and other services. The survey displayed that despite manufacturing being such a challenging sector with declining markets, pressure from global markets and increased competitiveness, the strength of people and organisations within the sector remained buoyant.

The report said “It seems leaders in this pressure-cooker sector are steadfastly adhering to core management principles in the areas of communication and engagement with their people. They’re certainly not dropping the baton, rather they’re engaging their workforce with the enormous challenges facing the sector generally and their organisations specifically. They should be commended.”

Source: Manufacturers Monthly