Cumberland Business Chamber has an open door policy for businesses and individuals from Greater Western Sydney to become financial members.

Our focus is on the “industrial sector” (eg. engineering, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, technical, research and development, supply chain members, etc.) and providers of goods and services to this category. There is no restriction to the number of businesses from any particular sector.

Members pay an annual (12 month) membership fee based on the size of their business (i.e. the number of employees) for the financial year 1 July to 30 June. Members receive member-only admission rates to Chamber events. A member may also become a Sponsor of the Chamber.

Select Join Now to be be redirected and join via Currinda, our membership database. Your membership application will be sent for approval. Approval will only be granted if payment is received.

Log in to Currinda at any time to update your contact details or download your invoice/receipts.