Member Spotlight June 2019 – Megan Rogers, Signarama Smithfield and Blacktown

Megan Rogers , Managing Director, Signarama

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What type of business are you operating?

Signarama Smithfield is a member of the world’s large sign network, producing custom signage of all types from Banners and Point of Sale signage, through to vehicle signage and large building signs

How long has the business been operating ?

We acquired Signarama Smithfield in July 2016, expanding from Signarama Blacktown. Signarama Smithfield has been in operation under previous owners for a number of years prior to our acquisition. Signarama Blacktown has been in operation since 2001, and operating under our ownership since June 2014.

Advice you can share to help others in business:

Determining the strategy for your business is key, communicate it with your team, develop action plans and implement. Review regularly

Seek alternative views – people outside your business can often see things you can not

Know your numbers and the drivers for them, monitor the drivers for change as well as the numbers. The drivers can be an early sign of things that may need to change (for example, economy which can impact sales – leading to taking a different approach to achieving revenue targets)

What has been the hardest lesson you have had to learn in business?

Not everyone who claims to be on your side is on your side – make sure you check vested interests

Increased revenue does not always equal increased profit – ensure you review the cost of expansion and monitor it closely

What is the economic outlook for 2019 for your company ? Are you positive or apprehensive ?

2019 has started slowly, and across the industry and many industries. Now that the elections are over, I expect confidence to return to the market. We have spent time developing and improving our processes and approach and will capitalise on these

What new things are you doing in your business ?

Taking a critical review of the business and processes in order to improve our adaptability to market forces that we cannot control. We are doing this with our team’s involvement and developing their business acumen. This has not traditionally occurred in this space, and we consider it as being vital to our ongoing success

What expertise/ solutions are you looking for in your business right now ?

Finding qualified production staff and installers is always a challenge and is a challenge industry wide. We are looking at how, as a small business, we can bring new people into the industry and get them trained up.

A new point of sale system has been implemented by the franchisor, so focus is on understanding and implementing this, and improving the project planning and implementation skills of the franchisor for the benefit of all

Social media solutions are also front of mind, and how to automate a number of these processes

What do you like to do outside of work ?

An avid animal lover, I love spending time at home with my family and animals. I enjoy Friday night soccer with my O35 ladies.


Signarama team at Wetherill Park

Love animals

Member Spotlight- May 2019

Paul Desani, Director
Industrial Vacuums & Engineering

What business are you operating?: 

We are western Sydney based engineering company manufacturing, Dirt EATER, The Heavy Duty Cyclonic Wet and Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaners. We have been in business since 2015.

Advice you can share to help others in business:

Stay relevant to your customers. As the saying goes “out of sight out of mind”. Stay updated with current legislation, provide healthy environment to your workforce and have a sustainable team for your future growth.

What have you learned in running your own business ?

Listen carefully, actively and stay calm. Remember when you are with clients you are solving their problems not yours.

What new things are you doing in your business ?

We have implemented 3E approach for our business operations. We ENGAGE with our client, We EDUCATE each other and also we EVOLVE. Our industry best product Dirt EATER is outcome of this approach. We are also in process of implementing ERP systems so that we can take decisions with confidence.

What is the economic outlook for 2019 for your company ?

By connecting with lots of businesses and learning with people about waste management, business processes actually resulting in slow but steady growth. We are ahead of our targets and getting good business from referrals. Launching two new product range in next year.

What expertise or solutions are you looking for in your business right now ?

We want to partner with businesses implementing ROBOTICS, IOT (Internet of Things) and smart waste management solutions to learn and help them create a sustainable solution.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Teaching new consultants and helping start-ups in  implementing / upgrading ERP systems. Learning new technology in IT and Manufacturing. Enjoy time with family.

For more information about Paul’s business, visit his website:

Member Spotlight- April 2019
Aidan Kavanagh, Managing Director of Kavanagh Industries.

We are proud of our members. We look to profile our members so that you get to know them better. Our first member to be profiled is Aidan Kavanagh, Managing Director of Kavanagh Industries.

Kavanagh Industries (KI) is located at 14 Cooper St, Smithfield, on over 17,000 sqm. They have been rapidly evolving and increasing their duct production capacity and have implemented new technologies which allows them the ability to produce 2000sqm or around 900 pieces of duct per day. KI have just purchased their second American made Full Coil Line and our second Pathfinder Insulation Cutter. They have also recently commissioned our 5th plasma cutter, this in combination with 63 staff puts us in a league of our own in terms of capacity. Aidan is generous with his time and knowledge. His company welcomes site tours if you are interested to seeing the production in action, please feel free to contact Craig Brewin to organise a tour of Kavanagh Industries.

Aidan Kavanagh, Managing Director, Kavanagh Industries
Cumberland Business Chamber asked him a number of questions and here are his answers to them:

What type of business are you operating?
Kavanagh Industries Australia’s largest manufacturer of sheet metal ductwork

How long has the business been operating?
30 years

Advice you can share to help others in business:
* Educate yourself never stop learning
* Learn from other people’s mistakes don’t make them all yourself
* Stop listening to the radio and listen to audio books while driving to work

What has been the hardest lesson you had to learn in conducting business?
There is no elevator to success you have to climb the stairs
We are an overnight success that was 30 years in the making
Relentless continuous improvement over time makes for a success business

What is the economic outlook for 2019 for your company? Are you positive or apprehensive?
I am super positive about the next few years as a company we have built a solid foundation of people processes and plant and are ready to capitalise on the current construction boom

What new things are you doing in your business?
Add value
Off-site prefabrication it’s changing the construction industry by taking a lot of the man hours off the building site and into the controlled factory environment. Multi trade Prefabrication reduces mam power on site improves construction program and drastically improves safety

What expertise/solutions are you looking for in your business right now ?
We are looking to utilise technology to maximise the factor production BIM, laser cutting, robotic welding, RFID tracking, AR glasses etc

What do you like to do outside of work ?
I am a father, grandfather and mad motorbike rider. I love a challenge!

No obstacle races or mud runs too challenging!
Love getting around on the motorbike on the weekend.
Dirt bike riding.