News Bites…

A crane designer has been fined $16,000 in a landmark court case after he modified the boom of an 80 tonne crane. His improvements included reducing the thickness and weight. The boom failed in trials when it tried to lift an 85 tonne load which fell 5 storeys to the ground. Because the crane was rendered unsafe for use the fine was issued.

The ABC Landline program showed that Simplot (Edgells, Birds Eye) is the last Australian owned frozen food company and it is under threat of closure.

Ethan Automotive plans to open a car manufacturing plant in South Australia in 2018 where it will build 12,000 rear wheel drive cars a year.

The Manufacturing PMI (confidence) index fell to 46.9 whilst New Zealand’s rose to 57.7.

Food and beverage, paper products, building materials, tobacco, furniture are expected to be the growth areas in manufacturing.

A $1B freight terminal is to be built at Moorebank in Sydney’s West with capacity for 1,500,000 sea containers per annum.

Holroyd City Council predicts $1B of building development and says it has experienced a 250% increase in development applications.

Seco Tools said at their recent Huntingwood forum for medical manufacturing companies that the way to remain competitive is to be willing to re-invent yourself and never stop adopting new technology.

Western Sydney produces approx. $90B per annum towards Australia’s total GDP and is the third largest economy in the nation.

The second highest number of caravans and motor homes every built in one year was recorded in 2014. 21,300 hit the showrooms and roads over 12 months.

Diageo (Johnny Walker, Bundaberg Rum) is opening a $21,000,000 warehouse at Huntingwood. It will have capacity for 26,000 pallets.