COVID-Safe Inspections and Hygeine Marshall

Authorised NSW Health Officers are currently visiting businesses to assess their compliance with the NSW Public Health Order and COVID-Safe regulations. Businesses not complying will risk heavy on-the-spot fines. For your information, gyms and hospitality venues such as pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes need a COVID-19 Safe Hygiene Marshal as part of their safety plan. … Continue reading “COVID-Safe Inspections and Hygeine Marshall”

Government Assistance for Small Business

The NSW and Federal Government have allocated large of amount of resources to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on small businesses. Please find below the updated Government’s assistance to help our local businesses. Coronavirus SME Guarantee Scheme The Scheme has now been extended and enhanced to support businesses in recovery and to enable continued support … Continue reading “Government Assistance for Small Business”

Govt Funding for Small Business CCTV

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN for the Community and Small Business CCTV Fund The NSW government has announced a $5 million CCTV Fund available to eligible small business and community organisations. The fund is supporting purchase and installation of CCTV across ten Local Government Areas in Western and South Western Sydney. The NSW government will provide … Continue reading “Govt Funding for Small Business CCTV”

CBC Women’s Network Lunch

18  Nov 2020 saw the re-launch of the Chamber’s Women’s Network! A great lunch was held at at Rosetti’s Restaurant and Café at Wetherill Park.  It was an opportunity for the ladies within the Chamber’s network to touch base, make connections and generally catch up on this things that matter within their various businesses. The … Continue reading “CBC Women’s Network Lunch”

New payment times reporting law

The Payment Times Reporting Act 2020 that received Royal Assent on the 14th October is good news for small business owners in that it will enable them to use publicly available information to make more informed choices about potential customers. The Act comes into effect on 1st January 2021 and requires ‘reporting entities’, defined as … Continue reading “New payment times reporting law”

Expansionary fiscal policy – is it on target?

We’re living in unprecedented times good people.  After decades of consistent economic (GDP) growth, the mining boom, immigration boom,  education boom, tourism boom & real estate booms in different states at different times all creating sharp surges in aggregate demand for goods & services for a while,  we’re now seeing worrying contractions in many of these sectors, all of them significant wealth generators for Australians.   … Continue reading “Expansionary fiscal policy – is it on target?”

2020 Premier’s NSW Export Awards

This year the Premier’s NSW Export Awards are different  Despite being one of the toughest years ever for exporters, the remarkable efforts to overcome the challenges of the last 12 months is inspirational. So rather than focusing on winners, this year is about recognising courage, determination and innovation. The awards will celebrate the stories of businesses which … Continue reading “2020 Premier’s NSW Export Awards”

Budget Boost for Manufacturing

On 6 October 2020, the Federal Budget was handed down. It was presented against the background of unprecedented levels of Government spending to ensure that the Australian economy is able to ride the COVID-19 wave(s). As part of the Australia’s Economic Recovery Plan the Budget has provided some positive news for Australian manufacturers as part … Continue reading “Budget Boost for Manufacturing”

Overcoming Growth Pains

By Lloyd Gilbert Many successful businesses start with a great idea, an ambitious and enthusiastic founder and a responsive client base. Many times this is followed by impressive growth. Bus as night follows day the growth trajectory is inevitably followed by a plateauing effect or in some cases revenue decline. Underlying causes? Increased competitive intensity … Continue reading “Overcoming Growth Pains”

Five Things Every Australian Manufacturer Should Know

By Rebecca Hegarty ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’ – this iconic opening to Charles Dickens’ A Tales of Two Cities, resonates even more poignantly for Australian manufacturers in the ‘Age of COVID-19’. The current climate has both tested manufacturers and forced manufacturers to become resilient, creative and forward … Continue reading “Five Things Every Australian Manufacturer Should Know”