Manufacturing Confidence Remains Low

The Australian PMI (measuring confidence in the manufacturing sector) continues to struggle in the negative. Any figure below 50 shows contraction. 51 and over demonstrate growth, expansion. While our neighbours across the Tasman enjoy 57 points we are hovering around the 46 mark. Australian manufacturing production, sales and new orders are all dropping. Sales have … Continue reading “Manufacturing Confidence Remains Low”

Western Sydney – The Industrial Engine Room

Did you know that the industrial precinct of Wetherill Park and Smithfield is the largest in Australia…and the largest in the Southern Hemisphere! Manufacturing is the #1 employer-producer of Greater Western Sydney. It represents 13% of GDP compared to retail trade (11%), healthcare (9%), construction (8%), transport-warehousing (6%). Technical and scientific services makes up 5% … Continue reading “Western Sydney – The Industrial Engine Room”

WHS Video Alerts.

WorkCover has come up with a quick and simple method to help you educate your team about work place health and safety…videos! The Video Safety Alerts can be found on WorkCover’s Youtube channel:

Supporting Australian Industry

The industrial sector (eg. industrial design, engineering, manufacturing, hydraulics, pneumatics, fabrication, technical services, logistics, construction, transport, etc.) is the engine room of our economy in Greater Western Sydney and a huge provider of jobs. For many years it has been allowed to decline. Thousands of jobs have been lost as well as valuable technical know-how and … Continue reading “Supporting Australian Industry”

Empowering Your People To Become Problem Solvers.

Imagine having a business in which every person is proactively facing day to day challenges and finding positive solutions. Not leaving it to their manager or the business owner. It might sound unrealistic but this is the end goal for business consultant and author Andrew Church who launched his book “How To Solve Your Problems … Continue reading “Empowering Your People To Become Problem Solvers.”

Things You Should Know About WHS.

The things business owners should know included receiving a $500 rebate from WorkCover when you purchase safety equipment…return to work wage assistance to help employees get back on their feet by taking on “soft duties” during their recovery…a complimentary safety coach for businesses in the road freight-transport industry…and a mentoring program in which larger companies … Continue reading “Things You Should Know About WHS.”

Holroyd The Enterprise City

Holroyd City Council has launched a new Economic Development Strategy to create a landmark business centre in Western Sydney – what they call The Enterprise City. Mayor Greg Cummings welcomed us to the modern Pemulway Community Centre and his department heads…Greg Raft, Stephen Joannidis and Tim Butler…supported by General Manager Merv Ismay explained their goals for … Continue reading “Holroyd The Enterprise City”