Supporting Australian Industry

The industrial sector (eg. industrial design, engineering, manufacturing, hydraulics, pneumatics, fabrication, technical services, logistics, construction, transport, etc.) is the engine room of our economy in Greater Western Sydney and a huge provider of jobs. For many years it has been allowed to decline. Thousands of jobs have been lost as well as valuable technical know-how and innovation.

To ensure opportunities for this generation and the next…to grow our economy…and to protect our way of life it is vital that these businesses are supported and preferred.

Cumberland Business Chamber – the “industrial business chamber of Western Sydney” – is made up of large and small businesses from this sector as well as the services which supply them. From vehicle and equipment sales to office supplies to mechanics to accountants. We are committed to standing up for local industry. Stimulating growth. Attracting support. Being a voice.

The difference in price between local manufacturing and foreign providers is nothing compared to what it will really cost our nation in the future if we don’t make the big decisions now.

Support Australian industry today to ensure a strong economy and employment opportunities for the future.