Three Australian Businesses Awarded Contracts To Develop Innovative Technologies

Three Australian businesses have been awarded contracts, totalling over $1.2 million, through the Defence Innovation Hub to further develop their  innovative technologies.

Aerospace and Mechanical Consulting Engineers from New South Wales was awarded $659,000 to develop its lightweight armour solution for the Australian Defence Force aircraft using panels designed with new materials and ballistic protection level.

Brisbane-based drone services company, Unmanned Aerial Systems, was awarded $293,000 to further develop its innovation which combines features of a helicopter and a fixed wing aircraft in order to increase performance, efficiency and capability.

The third contract, worth $287,000, was awarded to the Defence Materials Technology Centre for their lightweight soldier armour featuring improved protection levels and functional integration.

Funded at around $640 million over the decade to 2025-26, the Defence Innovation Hub accepts proposals on innovations at all stages, from early stage concept exploration and technology demonstration through to advanced prototypes for integration, test and evaluation.