Western Sydney – The Industrial Engine Room

Did you know that the industrial precinct of Wetherill Park and Smithfield is the largest in Australia…and the largest in the Southern Hemisphere!

Manufacturing is the #1 employer-producer of Greater Western Sydney. It represents 13% of GDP compared to retail trade (11%), healthcare (9%), construction (8%), transport-warehousing (6%). Technical and scientific services makes up 5% of the region.

Together these and the smaller sectors produce an estimated $90B per year making this the third largest economy in Australia.

But it is not all roses.

Manufacturing is in decline – something the Cumberland Business Chamber wants to turn around – and there is high unemployment. Whilst the unemployment figure for the whole region is at 6% places like Fairfield are harder hit at 11%…and when it comes to youth unemployment the number climbs to 18%.

One-third of local workers have to travel outside this area to their place of employment.

Stimulating manufacturing, expanding the industrial sector and generating more job opportunities is crucial to our region.

Source: WSROC