What About Us?

Smithfield-Wetherill Park is the largest industrial business park in the Southern Hemisphere…so why have the governments forgotten about us?


Billions of dollars are being invested into Western Sydney by state and federal governments to create new infrastructure networks and the new Western Sydney Airport. Which is all good news.


However, when you look at the coloured lines on the map you realise the action is happening west of S-WPK. The lion’s share of the capital is going to that region from Penrith south to Campbelltown-Narellan. When it comes to the Fairfield-Cumberland LGA’s there is…nothing.


We already know that S-WPK is a highly congested area with a rapidly growing number of trucks adding to the gridlock of existing tenants of the business park. Companies are moving into the area and adding to the vehicle crush. Major arterial roads such as The Horsley Drive and Victoria Street as well as Reconciliation Drive are cars parks.


Imagine how much worse it will be when there is a functioning airport delivering and sending goods which are needed by or manufactured by the residents of the S-WPK industrial area! Imagine the current queues of trucks and local residents multiplied several times over!


The current traffic levels have already caused courier companies to stop picking up from S-WPK after 3PM because they know they cannot make it back to their depot before the close of business. Chamber members and companies that we visit report they have had to change their delivery cycles in order to get their trucks and vans in and out on time.


So, if it is that bad now…what will happen in five years time? Ten years?


We attended the Smithfield-Wetherill Park Discussion Group in late November and heard from Fairfield City Council Mayor Frank Carbone that he is fighting a (lone) battle to get government officials and politicians to understand the dire need for new transport links into the S-WPK area.


He has proposed a rail link to the airport and extra road links. The land is available but at this stage those proposals are not marked on the government’s strategy document for Western Sydney.


We cannot afford to have businesses choked off by a lack of adequate road and rail links. Delays to transportation can adversely affect businesses, impact on customer satisfaction and profitability.


Join us in writing to the local Member for Prospect, Dr Hugh McDermott, as well as the Minister for Western Sydney, Stuart Ayres, the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, Roads Minister Melinda Pavey and Federal Minister for Urban Infrastructure Paul Fletcher. They need to know that their current plans are…grossly incomplete!