Which Manufacturers Are Doing The Best?

Which manufacturing sectors are performing better than the rest? The latest PMI index for manufacturing shows that printing & recorded media is currently at 61.4 points…food & beverages is on 55.3…then wood & paper products (55.2)…non-metallic mineral products is next (54.5)…textiles, clothing & furniture (44.4)…metal products (42.4) and petroleum, coal, chemicals & rubber products (39.4).

What these numbers do not reveal is which way those industries are heading. For example, textiles, clothing & furniture fell 4.2 points in one month. Food & beverages dropped 4.1 points. Non-metallic mineral products was down 2.9 points. But, wood & paper products rose a very solid 5.1 points and petroleum, coal, chemicals & rubber products went up 3.6 points.

Source: Manufacturers Monthly