Will 2017 Be Any Better Than 2017?

This question was put to a group of our members at the January After 5 and the responses showed a general optimism for the year ahead.

Ciaran Keating from East Software admitted that 2016 was a tough year and to ensure they don’t experience a repeat of that he has completely restructured his business. They have changed from a service based business to a product business. A part of that change is the launch of a new mobile app for job quotations and inspections.

Roy Hilton – who recently received the outstanding honour of being named Fairfield Citizen Of The Year (!) – is another who has ‘turned a page’ in 2017. His Megaphones Plus business, which sells PA systems, is now only online and the retail store has been closed.

Jim Vass, a partner from the accounting firm, ATB Partners, said the use of online software has totally changed life for their clients. They are now seeing their P&L’s, cash flow, etc. in real time, there is no need to wait for historical reporting of accounts. All of ATB Partners’ clients are utilising this technology.

Armen Nalbandian explained his unique role as a Business Chaplain in which he comes alongside people and listens to their concerns. He also assists when there is confrontation in the work place by being an independent arbitrator. Armen said has recently increased his sphere of influence by becoming a Defence Force chaplain.

Max Pagnin from Altura Financial enjoyed a solid 2016 and said he is focused on protecting businesses in 2017 as well as helping them plan for the future – via a number of products such as life insurance and income protection insurance.

The “tell it as it is” interview format was welcomed by the audience and will now be repeated throughout 2017.